It Happened in May (Round 2)

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In May 1927 the aviator Charles Lindbergh made the first solo transatlantic non-stop flight in which plane?
The Spirit of St. Louis


In 1937 the Hindenburg airship burst into flames whilst attempting to moor up where? a) Munich b) New Jersey c) Paris
b) New Jersey 


The Bank of England underwent the most significant change in its 300-year history in 1997. What changed?
Granted independence from political control


What did John Francis attempt to do on Constitution Hill in May 1847?
Assasinate Queen Victoria


In 1967 Celtic became the first British football team to win the European Cup, but who did they beat?
Internazionale Milan.


In May of what year was the Penny Black, the first official adhesive postage stamp, issued in the United Kingdom? a) 1810 b) 1840 c) 1870
b) 1840


In 1844 the world's second modern police force and Asia's first, is established, where?
Hong Kong


Naomi Uemura, in 1978, travelling by dog sled, became the first person to reach the North Pole alone. What was his nationality?


In 1994 three-time Formula One world champion Ayrton Senna was killed in an accident during which Grand Prix?
San Marino Grand Prix at Imola.


Martha Jane Canary was born in 1852 in Princeton missouri. What name is she better known as?
Calamity Jane