It Happened in May (Round 5)

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2020 History

In 1260 Kublai Khan became the ruler of which empire?



On the 5th May 1980 the SAS stormed which embassy in London after a six day siege?



Who landed on the island now known as Jamaica in May 1494 and claimed it for Spain?

Christopher Columbus


Emperor Napoleon died in May 1821 whilst in exile on which island?

Saint Helena


In May 1905 a trial began where what type of evidence was used for the first time to gain a conviction? a) unique blood type b) fingerprint c) DNA

b) fingerprint


Who became the first American to travel into outer space in May 1961 when he made a sub-orbital flight, and walked on the moon 10 years later?

Alan Shepard


Which political prisoner died in Long Kesh prison hospital in May 1981, after a 66 day hunger strike, aged only 27?

Bobby Sands


In 1682 which ruler of France and known as the Sun King moved his court to the Palace of Versailles?

Louis XIV


In May 1840 which postage stamp became valid for use in Great Britain and Ireland?

The Penny Black


What was officially opened to the public in May 1889 at the Universal Exposition in Paris?

Eiffel Tower