Linked Letters Quiz (Round 1)

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The first letter of each answer follows that of the previous answer alphabetically. For example, the first answer begins with 'C', the second answer will begin with 'D'.


Historical novel written by Sir Walter Scott?



What is the surname of the Rolling Stones lead singer, first name Mick?



Which American actress, once married to Tom Cruise, played Joey Potter in Dawson's Creek?

Katie Holmes


What is the surname of the British poet who wrote the line 'Man hands on misery to man. It deepens like a coastal shelf.'?



Which market town in Nottinghamshire is the birth place of Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington?



Which small Arctic whale has a long, straight tusk originating from its teeth?



Which is chemical number 8 on the periodic table?



Name of the football club whose home ground is London Road Stadium?

Peterborough United