It Happened in September (Round 4)

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Which Apache leader in 1886 after 29 years years of fighting finally surrendered in Arizona


In 1948 due to health reasons Queen Wilhelmina abdicated the throne of which country?


44 Spanish settlers founded which place when translated to english was 'The Village of Our Lady, the Queen of the Angels' in 1781?
Los Angeles


Scotland's Forth Road Bridge near Edinburgh officially opened in which year? a) 1952 b) 1958 c) 1964
c) 1964


In 1870 the Third Republic is declared in France after which leader was deposed?
Emperor Napolean III


In 1888, George Eastman received a patent for his camera that used roll film and registerd which trademark?


Edvard Grieg was a pianist and composer who died in Sept 1907. What nationality was he?


The maiden journey of the USS Shenandoah took place in 1923. What was special about this?
The first U.S airship


Mark Spitz became the first competitor to win seven medals at a single Olympic Games, but which years games were they?



Which two students founded Google in 1998?
Larry Page and Sergey Brin