Norfolk Quiz (Round 1)

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Born in Norwich, this famous Quaker prison reformer had her picture on the British £5 note.
Elizabeth Fry.


This British nurse, born in Swardeston, was executed in 1915 by the Germans, having been found guilty of treason.
Edith Cavell.


On the east coast of the county there is a collection of rivers and lakes which is known as what?
The Norfolk Broads

The Scroby Sands Wind Farm is situated off the coast of which seaside resort.
Great Yarmouth 


Which celebrity chef is part owner of Norwich City Football Club?
Delia Smith


Colman’s of Norwich are famous for producing what?


Born in Greater Yarmouth, who wrote Black Beauty?
Anna Sewell.


Originally built in 1820, and overlooking the town’s pier, the Hotel de Paris is in which coastal resort?