Quick Fire Questions (Round 14)

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Can you race through and get all 10?


1 According to a popular myth, eating which vegetables is said to help you see in the dark?



2) Which 1994 black comedy crime film sees John Travolta play Vincent Vega whilst Samuel L Jackson is Jules Winnfield?

Pulp Fiction


3) Apollo, Diana and Vulcan are three examples of the 12 major gods from which mythology?



4) In cooking, the abbreviation 'tsp' is short for which item of cutlery?



5) The 2020 album 'Letter to You' was the eleventh album to top the UK number one chart from which American musician?

Bruce Springsteen


6) The autobiography of Frank Abagnale, Jr. inspired which 2002 film starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hanks?

Catch Me If You Can


7) Which two English footballers played over 500 games together for both club and country between 2001 and 2014?

Frank Lampard & John Terry


8) Which American actress, born and singer born in 1962 famously said "If I'm genuinely anything I guess I'm genuinely miserable."

Marilyn Monroe


9) Victoria Coren Mitchell has hosted which BBC television quiz featuring seemingly unrelated clues show since 2008?

Only Connect


10) Which English author was known for the works 'Our Man in Havana', 'The Quiet American' and 'Brighton Rock'?

Graham Greene