Witches Quiz (Round 1)

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Witches, a quiz about scary, and not so scary Witches


What sort of chair were witches made to sit in as a way of testing their innocence?
A ducking or ducking stool.


The book ‘Mist over Pendle tells the story of which group of witches?
The Lancashire Witches.


Hecate (the queen of the witches) appears in which Shakespeare play?


The most famous witch trials in US history are known as what?
The Salem Witch Trials.


The Samuels family who were accused and found guilty of witchcraft in 1593 became known as 'The Witches of Warboys', but in which then English county were they living? a) Lancashire b) Huntingdonshire c) Lincolnshire

b) Huntingdonshire


Name the TV series in which Samantha could perform magic by twitching her nose.


What word is used to describe a gathering or community of witches?


Which 'witch' had a hit song in 1970 with 'That same old feeling'?