2016 in UK Politics Quiz (Round 1)

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What is the name given to the study of scientific analysis of elections, made famous by election night analyst John Curtice?

a) Plutology b) Poliology c) Psephology

c) Psephology


Which MP challenged, and lost to Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Party leadership election of 2016?

Owen Smith


By proportion of votes, which area of the country was most in favour of leaving the EU?

a) Yorkshire and the Humber b) North West England c) West Midlands

c) West Midlands


In August 2016, Jeremy Corbyn found himself caught up in 'Traingate'. Corbyn was on a train bound for Labour hustings in which English town?

a) Newcastle b) Norwich c) Southampton

a) Newcastle


Who succeeded George Osborne as Chancellor following his summer resignation?

Phillip Hammond


What was the name used by 'leave' supporters to describe the alleged scaremongering and pessimism by those wanting to remain in the EU?

Project Fear


Which position in the Conservative goverment did Theresa May hold prior to becoming Prime Minister?

Home Secretary


Sarah Olney ran as the candidate for which party to beat Zac Goldsmith in the Richmond Park by-election held on 1st December 2016?

Liberal Democrats


The term 'Brexit' is taken from the name used to describe which other European country's exit from the Euro single currency?

Greece (Grexit)


Kenneth Clarke described him as a 'nicer Donald Trump' whilst Ian Hislop said of him: "He's our Berlusconi ... He's the only feel-good politician we have, everyone else is too busy being responsible." - Who were they talking about?

Boris Johnson