FA Cup Quiz Round 1

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Where was the venue for the first ever FA Cup Final?

Kennington Oval


True or false: In 1895, the FA Cup trophy was stolen from a Birmingham butcher's shop following Aston Villa's 1-0 victory over WBA?

False, it was stolen from Shillcock's football equipment shop


Arthur Kinnard the 11th Lord Kinnard played in how many FA Cup finals?



In what year did Wembley host it's first ever FA Cup Final?



Which reigning monarch was the first to attend an FA Cup final?

George V attended the 1914 FA Cup Final between Burnley and Liverpool


How many FA Cup trophies have been used since the tournament was first founded in 1871?



In which year was the first FA Cup Final broadcast on television?



What was the name of the white horse made famous at the 1923 FA Cup final?