Food and Drink Quiz Round 1

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Questions and answers reviewed and verified August 2020


In cookery what is the term when meat or poultry is soaked in a flavoured liquid?


In which country did the Bagel originate?


Which cake is a light fruit cake with two layers of almond paste or marzipan, one in the middle and one on top, that is toasted, and eaten during the Easter period in the United Kingdom
Simnel cake


Which bread from the UK is made by spreading dough on a griddle or skillet in a rough circular shape, then cutting it into four equal pieces and cooking?


What type of meat is the most consumed worldwide?


What dish has filet steak coated with pâté and finely chopped mushrooms, which is then wrapped in puff pastry and baked?
Beef Wellington


In which country did the Enchilada originate?


By what more common name is the Yam known?
Sweet Potato


Akvavit or Aquavit is a flavoured spirit that is principally produced in which part of the world?


What is the name of the French dessert consisting of choux pastry balls piled into a cone and bound with threads of caramel?
croquembouche or croque-en-bouche