Food and Drink Quiz Round 4

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What sort of spirit is Armagnac?


A liquid,seasoned to preference, in which meat, poultry etc are soaked to flavor them is known as a what?


The Kladdkaka is a rich dense chocolate cake from which country?


What is the traditional filling of an Eccles cake?


If you were having Parkin, what type of food would you be eating?


What is the name of the very heavy, dense, slightly sweet dark pure rye german bread,traditionally made with coarsely ground flour?


In which country did the Boerewors sausage originate?
South Africa


Australians wouldn't give a XXXX for anything else, was a slogan for what product?
Castlemaine XXXX


Death in the Afternoon is a cocktail made up of absinthe and Champagne and was invented by whom?
Ernest Hemingway


Barmbrack is a sweet bread from which country?