The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen (Round 50)

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The questions and answers within this quiz were verified and updated in July 2020.


Name the British artist, from the Young British Artists movement, whose best known work is perhaps 'My Bed'
Tracey Emin


30 miles per hour is equal to approximately how many knots? a) 16 b )26 or c) 36
b) 26


What material is used to cover the slate on a Snooker or Billiards table?


Rome is located in which of the 20 administrative areas of Italy?


Which George Orwell book starts with the line "It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen."


Roman Polanski the film director was born in which country?


Whose celebrated diary had a last entry on 1st August 1944?
Anne Frank


Who portrayed Withnail in the film Withnail and I?
Richard E Grant


What is the Roman numeral for 500?


Sinology is the study of what?