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All question relate to events that are connected to anniversaries in March


In March 1991 the Los Angeles Police badly beat a taxi driver following a high speed chase, however their subsequent aquittal, despite the video evidence, led to riots which killed 53 people. What was the drivers name?

Rodney King


Which Commonwealth nation was granted full independence from Britain in March 1986

Commonwealth of Australia


In March 1966 which famous trophy was stolen?

Jules Rimet Trophy


Henri Cornet died in March 1941. A previous winner of the Tour de France what record does he still hold (as of March 2016)?

He is the youngest ever winner


This iconic plane made its maiden flight in March 1936?

Supermarine Spitfire


Completed and turned over to the Federal Gov't in March 1936 the Hoover Dam is built on the border of which two States in America?

Nevada and Arizona


In March 1986 a fire ripped through which London Palace?

Hampton Court Palace


In March 1956 Tunisia gained independence from which country?



Serge Gainsbourg who died in March 1991 had a controversial hit with the song Je t'aime, who else featured on the recording?

Jane Birkin


The Airship Hindenburg made its maiden flight in March 1936. In which US state was it mooring when it caught fire and was destroyed?

New Jersey