June 2017 Quiz (Round 3)

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As the Harry Potter series celebrates it's 20th anniversary of publication, a YouGov poll found most Britons would be in which House at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft?



George Michael would have celebrated his 54th birthday this week. With which single did Wham! first top the UK singles chart?

a) Club Tropicana b) Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go c) Wham Rap!

b) Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go


Dutchman Frank de Boer has been appointed manager of Crystal Palace. Who did he replace?

Sam Allardyce


Lance Stroll became the youngest F1 driver to race to a podium finish. What is his nationality?



Which British MP hit the headlines this week after calling for the media to be more 'patriotic'?

Andrea Leadsom


Radiohead headlined the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury over the weekend. What is the name of their lead singer and songwriter?

Thom Yorke


Which former member of One Direction teased fans with a short release of his new single Back To You?

Louis Tomlinson


GLOW appeared on Netflix this week. What is the name of the show's lead actress, best known for appearing in Community and Mad Men?

Alison Brie