London Quiz Questions (Round 1)

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Electric Avenue takes its name from the fact that which market became the world's first to be electrified?

Brixton Market


True or false; when founded by the Romans, London was originally known as 'Londinium'?



What was the name of the only British prime minister to be assassinated?

Spencer Perceval


Which world first was erected outside the House of Commons in 1868?

First traffic light


London accounts for what percentage of the UK's population?

a) 9.7% b) 13.7% c) 17.7%

b) 13.7%


Which city overtook London as the world city with the highest population in 1957?



What was the name of the Soho theatre which was the only one not to close during the war?



True or false; more people died in the Great Fire of London than died falling or jumping from the monument dedicated to the Great Fire?

False. Six died in the fire and seven died jumping or falling from the monument itself.