Oscars 2018 Quiz (Round 1)

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The 2018 Oscars which would normally be at the end of Feb were moved to the 4th of March, why?


So as to avoid clashing with the Winter Olympics


Including 2018, how many Oscar award ceremonies have there been?




Which comedian hosted the awards for the second year running?


Jimmy Kimmel


Which film won the most awards?


The Shape of Water


Who won the Best Actor award for his portrayal of a famous wartime leader?


Gary Oldman


The Shape of Water won the Best Picture category. The Film was directed by J. Miles Dale and which other director 


Guillermo del Toro


Which film by Bryan Fogel, about doping in sport, won the Best Documentary Feature




Alison Janney won what award for her role in 'I, Tonya'


Best Supporting Actress