Nitrogen's Atomic Number (Round 122)

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The Aardvark eats almost exclusively what?
Ants and termites


What is the atomic number of Nitrogen?

a) 7 b) 15 c) 33
a) 7


As of 2020-21 season, the highest number of goals scored by an individual in the English Premier League is 34, a record shared by Alan Shearer and which other player?
Andrew Cole


Which is the largest reservoir, by volume, in the UK?
Kielder Water


Who was the captain of the ship 'Duke' who rescued Alexander Selkirk who had spent 4 years on an uninhabited island, and about which Daniel Defoe was inspired to write Robinson Crusoe?
Woodes Rogers


In March 1991 the Los Angeles Police badly beat a taxi driver following a high speed chase, however their subsequent aquittal, despite the video evidence, led to riots which killed 53 people. What was the drivers name?
Rodney King


Which 2 countries does the Rhone flow through?
France and Switzerland


Adam Peaty won gold for Great Britain in 2016 in what event?
100mtrs Breaststroke


In the nursary rhyme, what did Jack use to mend his head after falling down?
Vinegar and brown paper


Vasco Núñez de Balboa, was the first European to see which body of water?