Halloween Anagrams Quiz (Round 2)

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For Halloween we wanted to add to our growing list of Halloween quiz questions by publishing Round 2 of our much-loved Spooky Anagrams quiz. 


Round One contains eight clues which can be used to produce words commonly associated with Halloween. For round two, we've included a couple of helpful clues, too.


Listed below are eight anagrams, with clues to help, of spooky halloween words:


1) moneybag (Keep an eye out for this monstrous figure!)


2) colorblind dug (If you hear a scream, it may be one of these!)


3) pink ump (You might have scarved one of these!)


4) tarot tricker (A common phrase)


5) rural peanuts (an otherworldy experience!)


6) agent verso (a burial monument)


7) tepid fire (really scared!)


8) rosiest input (perhaps involving a Black Cat!)




1) Bogeyman


2) Bloodcurdling


3) Pumpkin


4) Trick or treat


5) Supernatural


6) Gravestone


7) Petrified


8) Superstition