It Happened in February Quiz (Round 4)

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In which unusual location was Elizabeth when she succeeded to the UK throne on the death of her father ?

In a treehouse at the Treetops Hotel in Kenya


In February 1819, who founded what was to become, the city-state of Singapore?

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles


In what year did women over the age of 30, provided they met certain property qualifications, get the right to vote in the UK? a) 1918 b) 1924 c) 1928

a) 1918


8 Manchester United players and 15 other passengers were killed in February 1958 in an accident that became known as what?

Munich air disaster


Born in February 1932 who became one of the most iconic French film directors whose films defined the French New Wave movement, with one of his best known films being ‘Jules and Jim’

Francois Truffaut


Although he died in February 1783 the works of which landscape architect, dubbed ‘England’s Greatest Gardener’, can be seen at many of the country’s great estates including Blenheim Palace and Harewood House?

Lancelot “Capability” Brown


Waitangi Day, celebrated on the 6th Feb, commemorates the signing of the treaty which is regarded as the founding of which island country?

New Zealand


In February 2013 which US State became the last to certify Amendment Thirteen of the US Constitution and thus became the final state to abolish slavery?



In 1587 which queen was executed for her part in the ‘Babington Plot’ to murder her cousin?

Mary, Queen of Scots


Henry E Steinway who died in Feb 1871 was a German-American businessman who founded a company making what?