Rickenbacker, Barth and Beauchamp (Round 219)

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Which former Manchester United footballer wrote an autobiography entitled ‘Blessed’?

George Best


What did Rickenbacker, Barth and Beauchamp invent in 1931?

a) Jet engine b) Bra c) Electric guitar

c) Electric guitar


In which British city might you find the Arndale Centre, The Trafford Centre or the Triangle?



As of 2018, who is the oldest winner of Golf’s US Masters at 46?

Jack Nicklaus


Tom Hanks plays 12 year old Josh Baskin in which 1988 film?



Oberon is the largest of the satellites orbiting which of the traditional solar system planets?

a) Mars b) Saturn c) Uranus

c) Uranus


Tripoli is the capital city of which North African country?



Musician Shane MacGowan of Pogues fame was born in which country?

a) Ireland b) England c) USA

b) England


Lots of people in the UK hold GNVQs, but what does GNVQ stand for?

General National Vocational Qualification


Which British modern artist born in 1962 produces work which often features images of herself such as 1996’s ‘Self Portrait with Fried Eggs’?

a) Sarah Lucas b) Tracey Emin c) Gillian Wearing

a) Sarah Lucas